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Rethinking Cities Ltd.


8 Breaths
An engaging and thought-provoking walking tour of Oxford brings tools for individuals to use to improve air quality ...MORE

5 10 20 .... 2017 is an Anniversary year
5, 10, 20 .... 2017 is an Anniversary year for Rethinking Cities & the Museum of Walking ...MORE



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About us

Rethinking Cities Ltd. (Company No: 5801458) is a small and flexible firm based in South London providing advice to clients in the public, private and charitable sectors.

“a key measure of a civilisation is the quality of experiences that its cities afford its citizens” Kevin Lynch (1972)

With more of us living in cities, it is time to rethink all the elements of how we build and redevelop our urban and suburban environments. Our ethos is that more effort should be given to creating liveable neighbourhoods. We are fervent about transforming the way people experience life in cities. At Rethinking Cities Ltd. we are passionate advocates of sustainable living, and have helped individuals, communities and corporations to realise sustainable opportunities and to modify their lifestyles and practices.

Andrew Stuck (c) Brian Galloway PhotographyAndrew Stuck is Director and founder of Rethinking Cities Ltd.

For 20 years Andrew has been working in the built environment, public health and transport sectors. He has worked in child and disability advocacy, environmental education and in marketing public awareness initiatives.

Andrew holds post-graduate qualifications in Business, Ecology, Environmental Education, and Urban Design. He is a life-long learner, and has an up-to-date understanding of how the Internet can be applied to deliver education and training. He is an advocate of face-to-face meetings and is the inspiration behind Talk the Walk networking events.

Andrew is also a 'walking creative' and producer - follow his interviews of those involved in walking at Talking Walking.

(c) Brian Galloway Photography

Mel Sutton (c) Brian Galloway Photography

Mel Sutton is Director and founder of Rethinking City Living.

Mel trained as a homeopath in 1999 with The Lakeland College and has since continued to expand her learning and knowledge. She is a Purna Yoga teacher and a qualified Aromatherapist. Mel uses a variety of skills to help clients move through difficult and challenging times in life. The catalyst for a consultation is often physical. “Physical symptoms mirror where the spirit is out of alignment with our true self and are gifts for change.” Sessions with Mel offer insight into our unique journey and an understanding and respect of our individuality.

"I am an advocate of Yoga and practice daily. It is through this I gain insight into myself and find the stillness required when working with clients within the stresses of city life."


We work alongside skilled experts who we are delighted to count as associates of Rethinking Cities Ltd.

Fay Blair'It's the people stuff that matters and really makes the difference. Fact and figures are important but empowering political and emotional buy-in is critical'
Fay Blair, Leadership & Empowerment for Sustainability

Fay has 20+ years of experience in sustainable development supporting central-local relations in policy and practice at the local and international levels working for local authorities, NGOs, regional bodies, government departments / agencies, supporting programmes, cross-sector partnerships and EU funded projects ( for organisations such as ICLEI, (UK) Sustainable Development Commission, LGA, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Sustainable Cities Research Institute, Northumbria University, WWF, WRAP, SEEd, Commonwork, Kent Creative Arts)
Fay is an approved Climate Change and Environmental Leadership/ Partnerships Local Improvement Advisor,  Defra-approved National Sustainable Public Procurement Programme (NSPPP) Trainer and is formally accredited facilitator and member of the Partnership Brokers Association.
Much of her current work involves mentoring, 'critical friend' support, evaluation and strategic reviews, and advising on project and business development. This is often about addressing complex, challenging issues and supporting critical thinking and learning skills for community resilience. Fay's approach to evaluation is concisely presented here.
She is Deputy editor of 'eg' online magazine and member or facilitator of various LGA Knowledge Hubs (KH) groups including the Climate Local Network and the Sustainable Procurement group and has a particular interest in 'social value'.

Annette HardsAnnette Hards BA, BArch, RIBA

Annette is a Chartered Architect and Urban Designer with over 25 years of experience as a practitioner, and a passion for more sustainable, people focussed approaches to development.  She is an enthusiastic and skilful facilitator of community and stakeholder engagement in the design process, across a wide range of settings, including schools, community and cultural facilities, and public realm projects.

Annette worked at the Kent Architecture Centre for eleven years, developing innovative and successful engagement of young people in ‘place-making’, and led on the development and facilitation of successful design-led initiatives, including Urban Design learning programmes, the Spaceshaper 9-14 initiative, publications, study trips and workshops for a range of audiences, including local authorities and housing associations.

Publications and projects that she devised or overseen include J2L - Journey to learn: a place based learning programee for young people piloted in Medway in 2010, a two part workshop series for the Civi Society: People and Placemaking - helping members to see places through new eyes, and she has been an advisor on ground breakking built environment educational titles, including Shaping Places and Breaking Boundaries.

She is currently a part-time lecturer on the MSc course for Town Planners at the University of Brighton, and is developing a series of CPD and short course learning programmes for a cross-professional audience. Annette is the powerhouse behind Sussex PLACENet, a peer to peer learning, networking and skill sharing forum for anyone or organisation involved in placemaking. She is also a Director of Clued-In, a consultancy focussing on the integration of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion into placemaking.

Liz KesslerLiz Kessler

Liz Kessler is an urban designer with experience of neighbourhood planning and renewal, focussing on the public realm: the parks, streets and communal areas of social housing estates. From 2004 - 2009 she was Public Space Co-ordinator for EC1 New Deal for Communities in Islington where she was responsible for producing a Public Space Strategy, 2004, and for co-ordinating its subsequent implementation. Much of the area has now changed and the strategy is still being implemented; it, and many of the projects resulting from it, have won awards.

Before completing an MA in urban design (2000) Liz worked in housing and the arts; she has always been concerned with the quality of the environment around where people live and the affect it has on their quality of life. She now works freelance and has been working in the Ocean area of Tower Hamlets, another area that was an NDC, and on Community-led Plans for the Glass-House Community-led Design. She is a BEE (Built Environment Expert), a member of Design Council CABE's panel of experts on the design of the built environment. 

Jemima Stockton is our lead researcher

Jemima recently completed a PhD in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London investigating associations between neighbourhood physical environments and health. This research involved development of a walkability index for London comprising measures of land use mix, residential density and street connectivity.

Jemima has worked in various settings including research laboratories, schools and environmental organisations. She holds an MSc in Molecular Microbiology (Nottingham) and an MSc in Sustainable Development (Exeter). She currently works as a postgraduate teaching assistant at University College London in the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis and in the Department of Information Studies.

Jemima is keen to identify reciprocally beneficial relationships between people and place, wherein environments foster human behaviours that are both healthy and pro-environmental.