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Rethinking Cities Ltd.


8 Breaths
An engaging and thought-provoking walking tour of Oxford brings tools for individuals to use to improve air quality ...MORE

5 10 20 .... 2017 is an Anniversary year
5, 10, 20 .... 2017 is an Anniversary year for Rethinking Cities & the Museum of Walking ...MORE



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Rethinking Cities Ltd. provides consultancy advice. We are a small and flexible firm, able to work independently or in collaboration with other consultants. We assist our clients to get the most out of their investment, encouraging them to apply the principles of sustainable development in their direction and delivery, and by introducing them to creative ideas and new ways of working.

We provide advice on environmental and sustainable development, and on education and training.

Our experience has honed and shaped our specific expertise in:

  • facilitating community engagement
  • helping organisational change
  • developing partnerships
  • building multi-disciplinary teams
  • devising effective communication and marketing strategies
  • project managing the development and application of Internet tools

Our clients come from a variety of fields: conservation, disability, health, land use, recreation, tourism, transport and urban design.

Rethinking Cities Ltd. is a proven operator in scoping the motivations and needs of professional institutes, the commercial and public sector, and in formal and informal education. Please do get in touch so we can tailor a team to advise you.

Below are details of projects with which Rethinking Cities have been involved.

Walking routes for Children's Centres

Greenwich Healthy Living Service Logo

Image: Greenwich Healthy Living Service Logo

Devising and risk assessing circular walking routes for 23 children's centres in the Royal Borough of Greenwich within 10 days!

Client: Greenwich Healthy Living Service / NHS Greenwich

Routes to Active Travel

Devising and risk assessing walking and cycling routes across the Royal Borough of Greenwich. 2 circular routes for each of 56 GP surgeries and 20 leisure routes. PLUS 23 cycle routes. Completed within 3 weeks.

Client: Greenwich Healthy Living Service / NHS Greenwich

Walking away from diabetes

Walk route diagram

Image: Walk route diagram

Devising circular walking routes for participants in a Glucose Immune Tolerance activity programme in Welling

Client: Bexley Care Trust

Footprints for health

Peabody logo

Image: Peabody logo

Supporting Performance Management of Staff on behalf of one of London's largest Housing Associations - promoting walking at work and the identification of local workplace health assets

Client: Peabody

Map of Walking

Urban Design Group

Image: Urban Design Group

An e Learning platform for sharing information and providing expertise on interventions that promote walking.

Working with:

Robert Huxford, Director Urban Design Group UK

Download: Outline proposal (1MB)

Promoting Walking at Work 2


Face-2-face interviewing of staff to determine motivations and improve communication within the primary care trust. Extension of earlier contract to a further 6 health centres - developing local knowledge base and circular walking routes linking nearby destinations.

Client: NHS Lambeth
Download: Local knowledge base of destinations within walking distance (658KB)

Developing Community Walks


Facilitating a workshop to explore the elements that contribute to a successful community walking project.

Client: London Transport Museum

Promoting Safer Active Travel

Lewisham Hospital Foundation Trust commissioned Rethinking Cities to develop appropriate communications to promote safer walking, jogging and cycling amongst hospital staff, visitors and contractors.

Client: Lewisham Hospital Foundation Trust
Working with: JAAssociates

Active Travel Needs Assessment

Conducting more than 150 face-to-face interviews with staff at health centres in Islington to determine their Active Needs. Carrying out an analysis of the data and making recommendations of initiatives to support Islington's Health Champions' Network.

Client: NHS Islington
Working with: JAAssociates

Transport Policy Research


A review of current transport policy and how it impinges on children and young people. Identifying the key contacts and points at which Play England could develop its role as a lobby for children and young people.

Client: Play England
Working with: Rob Wheway

Get Up, Get Out, Get Walking for staff

An innovative walking initiative in which staff at local health centres share knowledge of their local neighbourhood to develop circular walking routes to link local destinations.

Client: NHS Lewisham
Working with: Jenny Budd, Lewisham Healthy Walks Coordinator
Download: Sample circular walk from the Kaleidoscope Centre (575KB)

Promoting Walking at Work

Action research and User engagement. Creating resources for Workplace health and promoting physical activity and active travel to Primary Care staff.

Client: NHS Lambeth
Download: Sample introductory piece to walking at Lower Marsh (962KB)

Developing strategy for promoting walking


Rethinking Cities undertook research of health and local authorities to assist the The Ramblers devise a new strategy for promoting walking

Client: The Ramblers

South East Excellence Urban Design initiatives

Working as an Associate to the University of Greenwich's Urban Renaissance Institute, Rethinking Cities undertook a review of recent and current initiatives to establish which was still relevant now that a downturn in development is upon us.

Client: Urban Renaissance Institute

Get Walking Keep Walking East and South London

Rethinking Cities has recently completed research in the London boroughs of Hackney, Lewisham and Tower Hamlets on behalf of the Ramblers' Association, to situate the roll out of the BIG lottery funded Get Walking Keep Walking initiative.

Client: Ramblers Association

Places to Go: Case studies

Play England

Image: Play England

Commissioned by Play England's Places to Go project, Rethinking Cities carried out research and an evaluation of accessible play spaces.

Client: Play England

UniverCities: place based learning

Academy of Urbanism

Image: Academy of Urbanism

Rethinking Cities Ltd. has been carrying out research into the development of a network of UniverCities based on 2006 Urbanism Award finalists.

Client: The Academy of Urbanism

Find your way about

Rethinking Cities Ltd. is devising a street map reading training module to be delivered by staff and volunteers to participants in the Ramblers' Association Get Walking, Keep Walking initiative.

Client: Ramblers' Association


Providing advice on curriculum applicability and preferred distribution channels for a step-o-meter educational resource.

Client: Active-Lifestyles Ltd.

good going effective communication of travel awareness to a hospital workforce


Researching an effective communication strategy; reviewing successful workforce behaviour change campaigns in hospital. Face to face and telephone interviews were undertaken at seven London hospitals with a range of health professionals and ancillary staff. To complement the research Rethinking Cities Ltd facilitated a roundtable discussion with senior executives.

Client: Transport for London
Working with: JA Associates (a marketing consultancy)