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News story

Walking Sacred Britain

Tim Hagyard at the London MosquePlanner and urban designer, Tim Hagyard took a career break in 2013, to devise and walk an 1500 mile route through Britain, that linked places of worship with places from his childhood and those related to friends and family. “Walking Sacred Britain” also marked the 10th anniversary of his wife’s death. Contemplative walking is key to Tim’s way of life, providing respite from the day to day pressures of a busy local authority planning department, and as part of his practice as a Buddhist.   The interview was recorded when Tim was only three days into the 112 day walk - you can hear his anticipation and sense of release in his voice.  His walk began from the Sangha of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in Hertfordshire - we join him in London, after breakfast in Swiss Cottage, and walk a short distance to the mosque in Regent’s Park.  Our conversation ranges widely, as Tim reveals the choice of destinations and how they relate to his life and faith.

In the interview, Tim talks about how his devotion to the Buddhist faith, and how two books in particular, “No Destination: An Autobiography” by Satish Kumar and “Food for the Heart” , the teachings of Ajahn Chah have encouraged him to undertake his  journey of 112 days on foot.

Listen to Tim Hagyard talking walking -

Date added: 22 February 2014

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