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News story

Rethinking Cities welcomes James Boyle

All at Rethinking Cities are deligthed that James Boyle has joined us an Associate, as he brings new skills, and strengthen's the company's expertise in social enterprise and community engagement.

James has over 10 years experience working on and managing community engagement projects in the voluntary and public sector. Much of this has been in the fields of youth, homelessness and international development. He is a qualified social enterprise adviser, spending much of his career developing social enterprises in the homeless sector as routes to employment for vulnerable people.

He has recently completed an MSc in Environment, Urbanisation and Sustainable Development from the Development Planning Unit, UCL, and is consolidating this knowledge and experience to focus on the field of climate change adaptation. As a community researcher and motivator his interests and skills lie in how to increase the resilience of those communities to localised disasters such as flooding, either through governance structures or hard solutions. He is also developing ways to increase the connectivity between the built environment and the ecosystem services around us.

Working with fellow Associates Fay Blair and Annette Hards, James is devising  "Walk with the Mayor" - a peer to peer learning exchange on the themes of community resilience, climate change adaptation and sustainable urbanism.

Date added: 15 March 2014

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