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dash or DAWDLE

Will you choose to dash or DAWDLE on your way through Clerkenwell?  Steeped in history this part of London has offered plenty of curiosities and places to quench your thirst, how quickly can you find them?

To help celebrate National Beer Day on Monday 15 June 2015, we are 'soft launching' our first dash or DAWDLE challenge - we hope you will join in on this day or on any day from now on.  This is a self-guided challenge / trail depending on your mood and stamina.  It is an experiment  for the Museum of Walking and one we hope will prove to be popular.


@BeerDayBritain @museumofwalking

You simply book the time (and day) you plan to start your dash or DAWDLE, pay an entry fee of £10, download this map, and have your smartphone ready to take selfies and Tweet them.  On National Beer Day - we have created 12 free entries!

We are offering 2 start times on Monday 15 June at 6.00pm or 8.00pm - click here to book for a 6.00pm start or click here for an 8.00pm start.

Just before the time you have booked your dash or DAWDLE, we send you an email with the clues that will lead you to 12 Clerkenwell pubs.  If you have chosen to dash rather than DAWDLE, we ask you to take a selfie of you (and your friends) and Tweet it including (wear or carry something distinctive). We will start the timer ten minutes after your booked time or when we see your selfie at whichever is the sooner! You don't have to start at Farringdon Station (suggested on the booking form), you can start from anywhere in Clerkenwell.

Choose to dash? Complete the challenge in less than 75 minutes and you are entered in to a draw to win a copy of The CAMRA Guide to London’s Best Beers, Pubs and Bars by Des de Moor (RRP £12.99).  Beat the fastest time and get your £10 entry fee back!

  1. Take a selfie of you and your friends - wear or carry something distinctive
  2. Tweet your selfie and include
  3. Use the clues to find 12 specific pubs in Clerkenwell - at each pub Tweet a selfie of you (and your group) in front of the pub and remember to include in your Tweet.

Choose to DAWDLE? Take all the time you like and if you fancy sharing your fun, then Tweet using - one of your Tweets might win you a prize too!


Date added: 15 June 2015

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