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News story

Lets get walkable

Dieter Schwab formed the Austrian Pedestrian's Association less than ten years ago and together they have successfully lobbied national government to instigate a national Pedestrian Strategy Masterplan - the first country in Europe to achieve this.  Dieter, a cityplanner by training, lives in and promotes the walkable neighbourhoods of Vienna.  The City of Vienna hosted the 2015 Walk21 Conference that brought hundreds of delates from across the world to see Austria's success in prioritising the needs of the pedestrian.

Tim Pharoah has been expounding lower speeds and calming traffic in towns and cities across the UK for more than 40 years - he too is a great beliver that civil society is founded on the bedrock of walkable neighbourhoods.

On a walk with Andrew Stuck in and around Waterloo and Bankside, south London, Tim chats about howcalming vehicle speeds is the most important element in creating neighbourhoods that prioritise the pedestrian.

Listen to each of them on Talking Walking - follow the link below -

Date added: 13 December 2015

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