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News story

Talking Walking

Talking Walking is a website from which you can listen to interviews with people from the world of walking.  Conceived during an artist's residency at the Banff Centre of Art in the Canadian Rockies, Andrew Stuck, Managing Director of Rethinking Cities, has produced a series of conversations that he has had with fellow artists, activists and professionals from the built environment, health and transport sectors.  Each of these interviews can be either listened to at the website or is available as a podcast that you can download free and listen on your MP3 player.

The season opened with Simon Pope, walking artist, author and academic from Cardiff, talking about how walking is central to his artist practice.  In the interview, he reveals that he was once a bus driver, but has since represented Wales at the Venice Biennale.  Bernadette Kowey, an activist in Vancouver has been regional director to the highly successful Way to Go school project that encourages parents to stop and think, and change their ingrained driving habits, and instead escort their children on foot to school.

Andrew plans to issue new episodes every couple of weeks, and has more than a dozen interviews already in the 'can', so listen out for Talking Walking.

To listen to Talking Walking click through here -

Date added: 27 March 2008

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