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News story

Know somewhere romantic?

Spring is in the air, so is romance, why not choose somewhere to discover and rekindle some passion.  All the romantic urban places featured here have been recommended by people like you.  So if you know of somewhere romantic, follow the links to recommend it too.

At the start of April, and you are out and about in London, trek south to Tooting Bec:

There is nothing better in a big city than to be able to enjoy a romantic walk close to home...Tooting Bec is a little patch of nature and fun bordered by busy roads and the railway to the south. It is a small urban oasis for lovers who enjoy watching other people go by and don't mind kissing in public and drinking tea from a mug at a plastic table....Going on the swings is fun when there are no kids in the playground and you can see who swings the furthest and  jumps off the highest!

With thanks to Katherine Armitage for her suggestion - why not make a recommendation of your own, just follow the link below. Look up this week's romantic urban place on our Google map.

Recommend a romantic urban place -

Date added: 27 March 2008

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