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News story

Best job in Walking?

Nick Cowen is a senior Rights of Way officer working in south Wiltshire looking after more than 2000 kms of footpaths and bridleways.  Walkers in the countryside that encounter him often say how much they envy his job. 

When not maintaining paths, Nick is an ardent researcher of landscape, and has a phenomenal knowledge of archeaology and geology of the area in which he works.

Drawing on this knowledge and the experiences he encounters on foot in the "day job", he has written a trilogy of domestic travelogues around a "pedestrian tourist" who sets out from London to walk through Wiltshire.

In this latest episode of Taking Walking, Andrew Stuck accompanies Nick on a walk to inspect a bridleway where hazel has been cut back by a contractor.


Listen to the interview with Nick Cowen -

Date added: 5 May 2010

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