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Retrofitted for walking

So many of our neighbourhoods were designed before the onslaught of the motor car, and even those that were designed to accommodate cars are now rarely functioning as streets for all modes.  There is increasing interest in how we might shift the balance so that more street space is given over to non-motorised forms of travel however, especially where traffic volumes are decreasing because of innovative transport planning schemes or the congestion charge. People are also questionning as to whether one way streets should still persist?

The latest Talk the Walk networking event for professionals will offer the opportunity to discuss how streets can be "retrofitted for walking" - there is not only a chance participants to present their own initiatives, and discuss those proposed by others, but they can also join a guided tour of nearby streets where the balance of street space has indeed been shifted to non-motorised modes.

Rethinking Cities has teamed up with the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment to host the next Talk the Walk on the theme of "Retrofitting for Walking" from 4.30pm - 7.00pm on Tuesday 22 June. This event is now fully subscribed. Liz Kessler will lead a guided tour of retrofitted streets in the EC1 area from 2.00pm.


Date added: 21 May 2010

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