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News story

Talking Walking goes silver with Laura Jennings

The latest episode of Talking Walking is the 25th since it's launch in February 2008 - we've gone silver.

Laura Jennings, a singer and performer talks to Andrew Stuck about how she developed audio walks through which participants interact with each other to re-imagine the space through which they walk.

Laura began her walking art practice while researching a Masters at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London.  She has interwoven scripted characters and recordings of the reactions of previous participants to the space through which they have walked, such that subsequent participants re-imagine the space through they walk based on their reactions to the comments and opinions of those that have gone before.

She walks the listener through the process and describes how the work of philosophers Henri Lefebvre and Michel Certeau, and anthropolgist Victor Turner influneced her practice.


To download or to listen to this episode or any of the other 24 simply follow the link -

Date added: 29 May 2010

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