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News story

Playful Cities - a deeper discussion

Our most recent Talk the Walk on the theme of “Playful Cities” took place on 22 July at The Gallery in Cowcross Street. Now there's a couple of chances to follow this up and develop deeper discussion as wel as an action plan as to how we  can make London more playful.

Issy Cole-Hamilton, experienced in play policy and research, argues that four elements are crucial in Playful Cities: time for playfulness, an environment that offers opportunities, permission to play and enough space within which to do it.  

Prompted by participants' desire for a deeper discussion, Rethinking Cities will host a Conversation on Playful Cities, at which Issy Cole-Hamilton will defend her position on the 14 September (fully subscribed) with a second date of the 16 September. The objective of this Conversation is to provide an opportunity for deeper discussion but also to develop an action plan for making London more playful for all ages.

If you don't want to miss out on future Talk the Walks then simply complete the on-line registration form on the Rethinking Cities website to guarantee an invitation to future Talk the Walks - choose Talkshops in the left hand menu or follow the link below.


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Date added: 4 July 2010

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