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News story

Have we lost the art of walking?

Is the art of walking lost?  Or does something as mundane as walking have any artistic element? To coincide with the UK publication of the highly acclaimed "Lost Art of Walking", Talking Walking's latest interviewee is author Geoff Nicholson.

Geoff was brought up in Sheffield and went for walks in the nearby Peak District.  He moved to London and started writing – one of his first novels was called “Bleeding London” in which the leading character walks every street in London.  Geoff now lives in Los Angeles, within easy walking distance of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards, and is writing a witty blog about his walks in and around his neighbourhood – one of the least walked areas of the world.

He talks about the many eccentrics that he discovered while researching the  "Lost Art of Walking" and which of these he would have liked to have accompanied on their walks.  He delves into why he has walked away from elements and places in his life, and tells us of two walks he still intends to undertake: zig zagging across the Thames in London and walking to the source of the Edgware Road.

Listen to Geoff talking about the Lost Art of Walking -

Date added: 26 September 2010

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