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News story

A walking meditation

Life is a journey – is that a cliché?  One journey that many people are now keen to make is walking through a labyrinth in Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel, in Hampstead, London, facilitated by Danielle Wilson.  Danielle meticulously lays out a canvas labyrinth, marked with the pattern of the 11 circuit labyrinth of France’s Chartres Cathedral and decorates it with candles, creating a tranquil ambience within the chapel.  Visitors are invited to walk the labyrinth in their stockinged feet, setting their own pace, following the course to the centre of the intriguing pattern.  Walking a metaphorical journey through their lives, walking through their problems, on a walking meditation.

Labyrinth patterns have appeared all over the world for several thousand years and no one knows their true meaning.  During the Crusades, the Pope decreed that pilgrims could take a metaphorical journey to Jerusalem, by walking the labyrinths in cathedrals.  Several sects in Christianity have embraced the labyrinth as a “prayer station”, but Danielle is quick to explain in her introduction to visitors, that labyrinths pre-date Christianity, and rather than interpreting their function as for prayer, that they should be seen as a means to experience a walking meditation.

Find out more about walking mediation and the work of Danielle Wilson, by downloading and listening to the latest Talking Walking episode.


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Date added: 1 February 2011

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