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News story

Victoria Walks

Australia’s car dominated cities offer few opportunities for the pedestrian, and although downtown areas provide wide pavements and convenient road crossings, elsewhere pedestrians have to walk further and are rarely given much space.  Transport planning hasn’t been on the side of the pedestrian.  That may be about to change in Victoria where a confluence of factors is creating increasing recognition of the value of getting Australians to walk more.

More and more Australians are getting bigger, and we don’t mean on the rugby pitches, but amongst the population, and especially children, where as many as one in four are now overweight.  

In the state of Victoria, with Melbourne as its capital, a Pedestrian Access strategy has been published and a new organisation, Victoria Walks has been established to lobby local government and encourage local people to establish walking action groups to improve the lot for the pedestrian.

Ben Rossiter is the Executive Officer of Victoria Walks. In the latest episode of Talking Walking, our series of podcasted interviews with people from the world of walking, Ben describes the range of tasks that face this new walking promotion body.

Listen to Ben -

Date added: 12 February 2011

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