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News story

Loved up London


Greenwich Park tops the list of most romantic places in this great city, according to our Romantic Ribbons website – with its commanding views over the Thames and the historic buildings that line this maritime enclave. 

Wandering hand in hand kicking leaves! Like kids again! It’s a beautiful haven of greenery and laughter…football, families and time out! I love it! So says Ruth from Margate.

So if you are seeking a place that inspires romance, look no further than Greenwich Park, it has everything – glorious views, undulating landscapes, handsome trees, heritage galore – and the opportunity for you to stand either side of the Greenwich meridian.

Marvel at the sheer size and beauty of the park. Take your time walking round and soaking up the atmosphere of families playing and people relaxing. Challenge yourself with the rewarding climb to enjoy the view of the Royal Observatory. Gaze over the London horizon and wonder. So says Julie from Wellington, New Zealand

If you should ever tire of the park, skip downhill into one of the many historic pubs, enjoy the weekend market or take in the Painted Hall or the Maritime Museum.

In these austere times, if you want to find somewhere romantic that’s free, then try out those special public spaces that have inspired people like you – seek out RomanticRibbons


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Date added: 12 February 2011

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