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News story

What lies beneath this manhole cover?

Under this manhole cover flows the River Effra, one of London’s Lost Rivers, so claims Tom Bolton, with whom Andrew Stuck walked from Crystal Palace to West Norwood in south London, following some of its course.

Tom has been researching the routes followed by eight tributaries of the Thames, in part using archival material in the British Library, and by making observations of landform changes as he wanders through London’s residential streets. He is an enthusiastic waker, having completed both the Capital Ring and the London Loop, and further afield much of the South West Coast path, yet his real enthusiasm lies in wandering through neighbourhoods and the streets of London.

There are a few other books about London’s ‘lost’ rivers, but Tom thinks that his forthcoming book is the only one that offers walking routes from source to mouth of each of these tributaries. His book will be published by Strange Attractor in June 2011 - but you can also catch him at the ICA where he will be giving a talk.

Listen to the interview with Tom Bolton -

Date added: 21 March 2011

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