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Heard the one about..?

Len Banister is the guest on the latest Talking Walking episode, recorded on a wet day in the heritage village of Walthamstow.  Since retiring from a career in education that included as a head teacher turning round failing schools, Len has put his hand to writing about his passion for walking - you may well have followed one of his many walks as he is a regular contributor to Country Walking Magazine.  Yet it is not the countryside that really interests him, he's much more intrigued by the suburban and urban landscapes around where he lives on the borders of outer London and Essex.

Len was co-founder fo the Greater London Ramblers' Forum and as part of the Ramblers' 75th Anniversary, he undertook with many supporters to walk the entire length of the London Loop strategic path, some 170 miles from Purfleet to Ebbsfleet.  He claims he loved the industrial fringe as much as the lush green spaces.

For the Ramblers, Len has been a key supporter for many years, and has been closely involved in the development of a definitive map of rights of way for inner London. He often feels he is a pioneer in urban trespassing.

Len is the man you should talk to if you want a commemorative walk devised for you, whether you are professional football club or just someone who wants to have a special memory of a loved one.  He is also a dab hand at devising walks for dog owners, although bizarrely, he doesn't own a dog.


Listen in to the interview with Len Banister -

Date added: 24 June 2011

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