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News story

Walbrook released

The River Walbrook may have been the first London river to be buried beneath the City's streets.  It only appears after heavy rain where it pours through a storm drain outlet into the Thames close to Canon Street.  It may have been hidden for more than 500 years but there are traces of the river that can be found in the street pattern and names of some of the alley ways and streets of the City of London. 

The Romans created the first settlement where the Walbrook and the Thames converge and later the Walbrook became the eastern boundary of Londinnium.  It flows past two former theatres associated with Shakespeare and flows beneath the Bank of England. 

Tom Bolton, author of a forthcoming book on Lost Rviers of London, led a group of investigators on a Wednesday After Work Walk along the route he thinks is most likely to be the course of the Walbrook.  There was some scepticism over the unusual techniques used by investigators to establsih its source in New Inn Square, Shoreditch. 



However, by the time investigators had reached the Thames foreshore beneath Canon Street railway bridge, Tom had convinced them that Walbrook has played a significant role in the creation of the City of London as we know it today.

If you fancy becoming an After Work Walk investigator, there are further opportunities in September - On-line booking is essential to reserve your place - Uncover Egyptian treasure on a whimsical walk from St Pancras to Cleopatra's Needle (Book here), or take a walk along a garden path to discover formal and guerilla gardens around Bankside (Book here), or be nosy in a crowd with our rooftop investigation of the City's financial heart (Book here).


Date added: 3 September 2011

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