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News story

Community involvement - worth the trouble?

Plenty of confusion still exists about who and what role the community has in regeneration.  Some communities are suffering consultation fatigue while others feel that they have been decidedly left out in the cold, and not consulted at all.

Those who live in a local area can bring first hand information about day-to-day life and how subtle changes in their neighbourhoods can bring about significant improvements or drastic decline.  However, for the authorities the challenges can be immense, to ensure that the representatives that they include in developing the brief and seeing through a project, are indeed representative of all the communities that consider they should be involved.

Sophia de Sousa, Chief Executive from the Glass-House will lead a discussion about the value of community involvement at an event at the Royal Commonwealth Society on the 16th May 2007, one of a series of thought-provoking Conversations hosted by Andrew Stuck, Director at Rethinking Cities Ltd. This Conversation is fully subscribed, however, a second date has been arranged and Sophia will be leading a discussion on a similar topic on Wednesday 30 May. If you would like to join the Conversation, please follow the link below.

Community involvement -

Date added: 2 April 2007

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