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He wore canvas on the soles of his shoes

Talking Walking celebrates its fifth anniversary in February 2013. It is celebrating by broadcasting an interview with Belgian artist Reg Carremans - its 41st free podcast episode.

Reg Carremans is an artist who uses drawing and painting as his medium. He was part of the Sideways Walking and Art Festival in Flanders Belgium in 2012 where artists walked across Belgium. He was the only Belgian artist to complete the 375km Sideways’ festival route. Using canvas on the soles of specially adapted walking boots he gathered multiple impressions of drawings along the path as he walked. As the canvas drawing began to take shape so too did the path leave its trace.

A canvas can last around fifteen minutes on gravel but can survive a few hours on grass. Sometimes Reg chose when to change the canvas or the canvas may dictate when it needed to be changed. Conversely, if he liked an impression he chose to change the canvas.

To Reg the art is the landscape. He often felt with his pictures and landscape drawings that there was a challenge in recording his initial impulse and emotional sense and reaction to the environment. It was through his desire to want to engage and communicate his connection that the canvas on the soles of his shoes developed.

'During the realisation of these projects there is a palce for potential failures, mutations, elaborations and responses to practicalities.'

During the festival, a day’s walking could be as much as 30 kilometres where up to nine pairs of canvases can be completed. At the end of a week a patchwork was compiled of the week’s canvases and shown in a gallery space.

Reg has also spent time in Iceland repairing trails in the National Parks feeding his affinity with linear paths and the concept of walking a straight path line. Simple concepts and practical execution and finding ways of communicating simplicity and clean lines are all essences of his work.

The interview by Andrew Stuck of Rethinking Cities Ltd was recorded in August 2012 en route at the Sideways Walking and Art Festival in Belgium.  Talking Walking was conceived when Andrew was on a Walking and Art Residency at Banff Centre of Arts, Canada in 2007.

Listen to Reg Carremans -

Date added: 9 February 2013

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