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Walking in Ruins























To mark the 5th anniversary of Talking Walking, producer Andrew Stuck from Rethinking Cities Ltd. invited 12 thought leaders from the worlds of walking around the globe to give their 5 year forecast for walking.

Talking Walking is Britain’s leading walking podcast website, with more than 45 recorded interviews since 2008. It was Andrew Stuck’s idea to request 5 year walking forecasts to be made by telephone.  Each thought leader was invited to make their forecast by telephoning a number to leave a voice message, that Andrew had set up to be recorded.  Each of these responses have subsequently been edited and will be published as podcasts. Each week until Christmas 2013, a 5 year walking forecast will be published on the Talking Walking website.

Geoff Nicholson is a best selling author of some dozen or more novels including "Bleeding London" in which one character walks every street in London. In 2008 Geoff turned his hand to writing about his life long passion of walking, publishing the acclaimed "Lost Art of Walking".  Earlier this month a companion volume, treats us to Geoff's reflections on what makes a ruin and what makes them so attractive to him. "Walking in Ruins" makes beguiling reading.  Sheffield-born and bred, Geoff now lives in Los Angeles, California one of the places where you are least likely to see a pedestrian, but this hasn't discouraged him from daily walks in and around his local neighbourhood. Geoff's forecast offers an insight into Californian life and comes with a sting in the tail.

Publication of the Geoff Nicholson’s 5 year walking forecast will be on Wednesday 23rd October, 2013. Geoff’s forecast was recorded in August 2013

Listen in to Geoffs forecast -

Date added: 22 October 2013

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